Health & Well-being

We are pleased to be affliated with the following professionals. Please click on their links for more information about the services they provide and contact details.

  • Georgina Barr, Dance Podiatrist
    Podiatrist Georgina Barr specialises in dance medicine and is also a qualified custom pointe shoe fitter.

    Georgina regularly presents new research at local and international dance and medical conferences.
    She focuses on working with the dance teachers in order to provide her patients with the highest level of care.
  • Lucy Carey - Registered Dietitian
    Lucy Carey regularly works one-on-one with young athletes and their parents, to ensure they are getting the best nutrition for their training and performance. Lucy can also hold nutrition seminars at your dance studio, to give an overview of good nutrition for dancers and answer any questions your dancers have.

    To contact Lucy call 027 303 4060 or email
  • Dr Sharmaine Dobson - Performance Coach and Counsellor.
    Being a teenage dancer today comes with intense pressure. Sometimes, classes, comps, exams and performances mix too closely with peer pressures and injury stress and everything gets a bit much.
    Dr Sharmaine is a performance coach and counsellor and has 35 years of counselling experience. She is experienced in working with highly talented and driven young people and works with an ethos of helping people achieve their highest potential.
  •   Rebecca Abrahams is a Registered Psychologist and Registered Teacher.
    Rebecca is currently in private practice where she supervises clinicians, provides assessments and interventions for children, adolescents and their families.

    Rebecca has danced all her life and remains passionate about dance as she still performs and enters national and international competitions.
  • The Ballet Blog
    The Ballet Blog is a specially designed website that gives all dancers access to accurate, relevant information that empowers them to transform their body in the safest way possible.
    The Ballet Blog is your ultimate guide to resolving pain, preventing dance injury. Find the tools you need to optimise your dance performance and aid healing