Dr Sharmaine Dobson - Performance Coach and Counsellor.

Dr Sharmaine Dobson - Performance Coach and Counsellor.
Being a teenager today comes with a lot of pressure. Being a teenage dancer today comes with intense pressure. Sometimes, classes, comps, exams and performances mix too closely with peer pressures and injury stress and everything gets a bit much.

The most important thing is to know who you can talk to. Dance parents are awesome as they understand the stress.

I have been very lucky to meet another incredible person who can help: Dr Sharmaine Dobson.

Dr Sharmaine is a performance coach and counsellor and has 35 years of counselling experience. She is experienced in working with highly talented and driven young people and works with an ethos of helping people achieve their highest potential.

Sharmaine is an empathetic person who works with young people as well as their parents and she provides strategies for stress management and achievement of goals.

If you need to talk, or just want extra strategies to make 2018 rock - get in touch!

Clinical Contact Details: 
A: 186 Bealey Avenue, Christchurch. 
P: 021 317200
E: Sharmainecounsellor@gmail.com