Georgina Barr, Dance Podiatrist

Georgina Barr, Dance Podiatrist


Georgina Barr, Dance Podiatrist
BA, Dip Journ, BHSc Podiatry

Podiatrist Georgina Barr has a particular focus in dance medicine.

She regularly treats dancers of all genres and provides general and biomechanical podiatry care at Merivale Podiatry. 

Georgina is also a qualified Custom Pointe Shoe Fitter and provides Juon Pointe Pre-Pointe Assessments and Dance Biomechanical Mentoring locally, nationally, and internationally through her company Barrina Ltd.

Georgina regularly presents new research at local and international dance and medical conferences. 
She focuses on working with the dance teachers in order to provide her patients with the highest level of care.

Georgina Barr
Phone: 021 565 603
Facebook: Barrina Ltd
Instagram: barrinaltd
Merivale Podiatry 03 355 9481