Freelance Relief Teachers & Choreographers

For the Dance Community is is often hard to find Teachers or Choreographers who can provide relief teaching. We have decided to set up this register for those who are looking for teachers or choreographers who are freelance.
If you fit into the category of being a relief or freelance teacher or choreographer, you are a current financial member of the Ballet Society and would like to be listed on the register on our website, please send us the following information:
  • Name
  • Contact Details, including phone and email
  • Genre and Qualifications
  • Whether you are relief or freelance or both
  • A short blurb about yourself and what you are looking for
  • A photo suitable for a Facebook Post


  • Kathryn Highley
    Dancing is not only my profession, it is my passion. As my dance career progressed, my involvement and love for teaching grew. Many of my students have gone on to have successful national and international careers in dance which inspires me to continue sharing my knowledge and experience with local schools and students of all ages. Although I can teach a variety of ages my forte is teaching open class to elementary through to advanced students, private tutoring and choreography.
  • Rebecca Willis
    I have just finished my professional dance career in Melbourne and I’m looking for dance teaching work in
    Christchurch. I have many years of teaching experience across New Zealand and Australia and I have trained
    with many highly regarded teachers. I love passing my knowledge on to the next generation of dancers.